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Work in Progress                                                           לעברית לחץ כאן

Curator: Adi Bezalel


Stooping is both and active and passive action. On one hand it acts and on the other is acted upon – bending it and lading it. Stooping protects the body’s inner organs from harm, but also enables convergence and a deep, meditative absorption in the action performed.

At the center of the Work in Progress exhibition is a large painting of a female figure at rest. Her feet lay on a stool, her back leans backwards, projecting calmness and serenity. As if in complete opposition to this monumental figure – small, intimate paintings of a different female figure or the very same one show her stooping, crouching, immersed and absorbed in the action she is carrying out.

Like the woman in the paintings, rotation between rest and action, the act of painting too is a rotation between slackness and speed, between contraction and expansion, transparency that also contains opacity within itself.

Hila Sali investigates and analysis the imaginary borderline between the quantity of details of the story she is telling, the viewpoint of the observer seeking gratification and the dialogue between the two. The borderline necessitates a balance and dosage of line, shape and shade that evade the observers field of vision, and by that enable the paintings to be in constant movement. That movement brings life also to the world of inanimate objects, as well as to a world of people stooped by the burdens of their lives.




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